Sprint Coverage in Oregon

The Map above is linked from the Sprint Wireless website and depicts service in western Oregon. Sprint does have service out I84 to the east and down I5 to the south all th way to the California border which is not shown in the map above. For Additonal Information See:

The dark green areas are places where Sprint has their own coverage. The yellow-orange areas depict high-speed evdo data coverage in addition to voice coverage. Sprint customers can use their phones in other places by roaming. In many places Sprint in Oregon roams on Verizon or US Cellular and other roaming partners that Verizon also uses, so you can see that map for an estimation of available roaming coverage. Kudos to Sprint for having actual coverage maps both on the web and in printed form.

Roaming with Sprint: Most modern rate plans include roaming without additional fees. The terms of service indicate that you cannot use more than 50% of your total minutes roaming to prohibit excessive roaming. This isn't an issue for most folks.

Sprint Wireless website