Rachel Christine Wierichs

Alto I    Rachel Christine Wierichs is a 19 old sophomore at the UO studying Music Education. She was born in Fort Lewis, WA on August 26, 1983. Rachel has aspirations to be a high school choir director, but she is keeping her career options open while working at the Hilton for the time being. Rachel is 5"2, has blue eyes, and  is a huge fan of spaghetti. Her favorite movies are sappy romance stories and her favorite author is Anne Rice. Rachel's favorite hobbies are singing, watching movies with her boyfriend, camping, and swimming. The worst job Rachel ever had was picking blueberries when she was 13, though her favorite season is still summer. If you ever want to find Rachel is a crowd, call her Boo-Boo or Diva; her two nicknames. The nicest compliment that she has ever been paid was that she has a beautiful spirit. In 10 years, Rachel sees herself married, with one child (who's middle name, she is determined, will be "danger"). Her favorite colors are red and purple. Rachel sings Alto I in Divisi and credits her biggest musical inspirations to be Helmuth Rilling and Anton Armstrong; two Oregon Bach Festival conductors. One of her favorite current artist is TOOL. Rachel would like to hear Divisi sing something by Fionna Apple and would like us to perform in New York City. To reach Rachel, write to her at krazy4bach@yahoo.com.

-Favorite Quote-

"Life is like a truck and I'm in for the long haul"

Bo Brooks