July 6 Steering Committee Meeting Notes
(by A. Leavitt)

Update on web page site:  http://gladstone.uoregon.edu/~asuomca/diversityinit.html


Future Meetings:
 Week of July 19th - Monday, July 19th - 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.Multicultural Center
(it was recommended that we shorten these meetings to no more than 1 1/2 hrs)

 Barbeque on Thursday, July 22nd at 4 – 7pm at the Softball fields behind MacArthur Court.

1.  Role of Steering Committee
        safe, supportive place to talk together, community and coalition building,  updates on intern projects; other summer initiatives; identification of resources

 group needs a mission statement - ideas should be sent to Missy Rock who will then craft something we can all react to
     should decide if we want to be an advisory group - a coordinating council - do we need to retitle the group
- set some time limits on meetings - post ending time - keep shorter - ask for ideas for mission statement or role - it can be a sounding board for interns but it’s more than a sounding board - can build on itself - it may have
short term and longer term objectives - be an ad hoc group now - may want to aim for something in the future.

2.  Reports from Interns
 Missy, Jennifer, John, Spencer, Jessica reported on their projects, and Missy provided some updates on work of other interns who had time conflicts with this meeting.  Notes on particular projects are summarized and will be updated regularly on the web (so details are not included in these notes)

 over-all, projects are in early stages, and plans/objectives may be adjusted as interns progress

3.  Suggestions for Interns
 Steering Committee members made some general observations and specific project suggestions.  Discussions included

• using the video project and what John is learning from contacting depts to create a faculty dialogue or
    discussion that could include ideas from all the interns or projects.
• Huy might want to do a video about residence life and freshmen attitudes/experiences
• Jason might want to do a student piece about what’s working and what is not, using some of the information
    Jessica is gathering
• need to include outreach to classified staff as well who are important in students’ retention
• fundraising could focus on attracting prominent scholars of color who may be here because of some academic
    resources we have but be willing to be part of an academic center related to issues of diversity in addition to
    their particular research
• for Jennifer - we need to think about incentives for changing our curriculum; perhaps some financial incentives
    - research $$ that could be used to review/affect 2 or 3 classes per summer in the core curriculum
• need to include in our strategies “what’s in it” for administrators - this work is important from an
    administrative perspective as well as a student perspective - need some one on one time with administrators
    - a joining of wills
• suggestion from Julia Lesage - that we include in our video the perspectives of “people with bad attitude”
    - looking back her video didn’t capture that - get those perspectives into the training material and develop
    strategies that take such people beyond just hiding these attitudes and “cooling it” ...students can sometimes
    be more easily reached because they haven’t learned to just hide their attitudes - maybe use the e-mail episode
    as a way to include some “bad attitude” perspectives as a starting point for the discussion - need to keep
    everyone in the dialogue as long as possible
• Margaret Hallock has some info on the curriculum that may be helpful to Jennifer
• video can help get to a few with “bad attitudes” at the dept level, but there are those who are “with you” but
    not working on themselves every year - so everyone has something to talk about...those who are not mean-
    spirited but are unintentionally insensitive and those who think they have a good attitude also need to be involved
• check on what library diversity committee has been doing
• Annie Bentz (Conflict Resolution Services) has a useful article on working with inter-group dialogues and
    some resources from University of Washington
• how about training students as facilitators
• look at model from Utah -that Peggy Pascoe knows about for a position that works on faculty development
    and increasing diversity
• do we need a center for multiethnic studies and cross-cultural communications

4.  Communication Issues Among Us
• how about putting materials in library reserve shelf - or in MCC - get them to Missy and she can develop a
    binder - make announcement on web page
• need to keep developing/updating the webpage - find ways to link to UO home page on the web....UO needs
    a good diversity page on the web (look at other models)
• group wants 2 socials - mid-point and end of summer
• need to stay connected among us -
• need to tell others that it’s not too late to get involved
• need to get clearer about who are our mentors and resources and who is working with whom - develop a list
• need both student and community ownership

Participants included:   Missy Rock, Jennifer Rosen, John Riordan, Spencer Hamlin, Lisa Foisy, Betsy Wheeler, Jay S., Jessica B., Gwen Tistadt, Annie Bentz, Peggy Pascoe, CJ Gabbe, Julia Lesage, Dave Hubin, Anne Leavitt, Margaret Hallock (and a few others).

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