Steering Committee Meeting 8/16/99

[notes compiled by M. Rock]

Attended: Jason Burrow, Wylie Chen, Peter Gilke, Lisa Frankel, Dave Hubin, Jessica Billingslea, John Riordan, John Mosley, Mia Tuan, J. Shiao, Missy Rock, Laura Blake Jones, Troy Franklin, Mike Eyster.

Meeting Minutes:

1) Introductions

2) Miscellaneous note: Get Jessie Wofsy in touch with Provost Mosely about a model for Response Team at Arizona State University similar to the proposed idea for the Bias Response Team for the U of O.

3) Create a Work Group to continue the Diversity work started by the Summer Internships.


Should work on a proposal regarding how to continue the diversity work – first step… what should be covered in the Proposal:

  1. To whom it should be presented
  2. What tasks need to be done?
  3. Cost/Benefit analysis of the SDI’s
  4. Status of the Coordinator
  5. Student Compensation
  6. Workload
  7. How does it fit into the big picture?
  8. What is the relationship with standing bodies?
What/ who should be included in creating the proposal? Representative from:

FAC, OMA, Student Life, President’s Office, ASUO, Interns, Student Senate, University Senate.

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