Steering Committee
August 2, 1999
Meeting Notes

(by A. Leavitt)

The main topic for this meeting was strategies for taking the summer internsí work into the next academic year. Various ideas are summarized below.

1. Student Conduct Committee - early appointment of student reps - get ASUO to make the appointments early so work can begin

2. GTF or student intern to connect the work and coordinate or pay?

3. Public forum in the fall - recapping what occurred in the spring and summer, to keep people interested, to recruit students into additional jobs, or proposed "slots"

4. pledge - use it, perhaps place it somewhere

5. Convocation - governor will speak - will address topic of diversity

6. Weaving New Beginnings - fall welcome program - needs to recognize summer work

7. Need strategies for "keeping the student side up"...perhaps through MCC or through continued positions

8. Need institutional decisions to be made about who does what

9. Need to keep the concepts re diversity "dynamic" - keep them current - need constant analysis of what is going on

10. The "hot spots" need to come together - perhaps through institutionalizing the Steering Committee nobody has this in their job description some people are too busy some units , like MCC, are already doing something else some units wonít get to new ways of doing things on their own need variety of perspectives need checks and balances need continued student involvement

11. How to get students involved in beginning of academic year

12. Student positions should be for pay, not for credit...a budget/resources are needed

13. Need to continue the substance and diversity of this summer work coordinate it recognize specific duration of different initiatives...canít wrap it all up before end of summer recruit new students to continue it canít just shunt it to one or more offices...needs students, coordinator, faculty involvement, a steering committee

14. Could a tenured faculty member be the coordinator - with l course relief during the year - and students selecting the faculty member each year? -

15. institute is long range - need the keep the plan going

16. canít overburden those who already have responsibilities in these areas - need a GTF or tenured faculty member

17. keep within our governance system - use ASUO, Senate, FAC, MCC, etc. - avoid creating a new mini or ad hoc bureaucracy

18. interns valuable as way to get people to coordinate, keep diversity on the forefront, keep stakeholders involved

19. Need encourage administration to have ongoing accountability - to be sure that something (dynamic) is on-going

20. SC should be institutionalized - as a fluid group - to be the focus of activity and a shared agenda - with new people always welcome

21. Can we institutionalize the mentoring that has been in place through this program - dynamic community of students/faculty advising each other - COMPENSATION is needed

22. What are the connections to make/continue PCR, FTF, bias response, SASS, GLBT, ASPAC, AVP/Student Council

23. What does "institutionalize" mean - funding?, buy-in? dynamic, fluid, newcomers welcome, visibility, central admin values it, there is a convenor, list-serve, notes,

24. Formal support from central administration must be assured

25. Identify what has been fostered by internships; what has not happened; identify what $$$ has made happen - realize the investment that has been made

26. Do we need a fall retreat with a community representing the SC?

27. Keep the institute in mind as a goal

28. Ripple effect of what weíve done - e.g. R. Melnick memo, # of people contacted by interns, influence on ongoing programming, admin staying informed -domino effect of getting people excited, giving ideas a large enough life....

29. Need be thoughtful about best use of any resource - review how $15 K has made a difference this summer - if we continued this it through a year it could be as much as $60 K - is this best use of $60 K?

30. The momentum created by interns reporting out every 2 weeks has been important

31. Concept of this summer work as beginning something that could eventually be supported by grants - building on what is begun - perhaps culminating in an "institute"...this energy is a reference point for direction toward an "institute" which could answer so many of the SC questions about institutionalization

32. Need a coordinator, need interns with "beats" who can report regularly - be visible - create a network - make contact with us and among us

33. Be aware of the kind of student who has been successful - upperclass, had academic preparation related to this work, knew the campus, had student activity experience, was accountable, could identify strategies with chance of success

Participants: Consuela Zumwalt, Huy Ong, Jessica Billingslea, Jake Reddy, Kyla Schuller, Lisa Freinkel, Gerry Berke, Georgeanne Cooper, Annie Bentz, Anne Leavitt, Dave Hubin, Jiannbin Shiao, John Riordan, Stephanie Carnahan, Wylie Chen, Jason Mac, Missy Rock