1999 Summer Diversity Internships (SDI)
June 29th SDI Meeting
July 6th SDI Meeting
July 13th SDI Meeting
July 22nd SDI Meeting
July 29th  SDI Meeting
August 5th  SDI Meeting
August 12th SDI Meeting
August 19th SDI Meeting

(For a list of the specific interns Short and Long-term Goals, click on their name.)
Interns                                Objective

Missy Rock                          Coordinating Intern:  Keeping connected, outreach/ coalition building
mrock@gladstone                 documentation/ "paper trail"

John Riordan                        Faculty Diversity Training:
riolaw@gladstone                  New & continuing faculty orientation

Nathaniel Bachelder             Faculty Diversity Training:
evolve@gladstone                 Video & Departmental presentations

Huy Ong                               Student Diversity Training:  New student orientation,
coolio@gladstone                  IntroDUCKtion, Diversity Week, etc...

Jessie Wofsy                        Affirming/sustaining diversity:  conduct code, pledge of
jwofsy@yahoo.com              diversity (policy & procedure)  respect, hate speech, free speech

Jason Mak                           More Diversity in our Community:   facutly/student/staff
mak@gladstone                     recruit & retention strategies

Jessica Billingslea                 Resource Support for Diversity:  personnel, programs, creating Admin.
jbilling@gladstone                  resources (how to strengthen) positions/  Defining Admin. Infrastructure
                                             (suggest possible reorganization)

Kathleen Workman              Diversity & our educational environment:  self-inventory, survey, Diversity
kworkman@gladstone            Research Institute, positive approaches to “middle majority”

Spencer Hamlin                    Fundraising for Diversity Research Institute: & ways to solicit
spunser@aol.com                  & sustain diversity funding…

Jennifer Rosen                       Diversity & our Curriculum: how we utilize our curriculum, course evals
jen118@gladstone                 what might be done differently…

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