The University of Oregon Pledge of Respect

The University of Oregon community is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and the
development of integrity. In order to thrive and excel, this community must preserve the freedom of
thought and expression of all its members. A culture of respect that honors the rights, safety, dignity
and worth of every individual is essential to preserve such freedom.

By choosing to be members of this community, we pledge our respect for the standards of the
community and for the rights and well-being of all its members.

As a member of the University of Oregon community, I pledge that:

I will respect the dignity and essential worth of all individuals.
I will promote a culture of respect throughout the University community.
I will respect the privacy, property, and freedom of others.
I will not tolerate bigotry, discrimination, violence, or intimidation of any kind.
I will practice personal and academic integrity and expect it from others.

I will promote the diversity of opinions, ideas and backgrounds which is the lifeblood of the university.

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