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Presents the  4th Annual

Women of Color Conference

The ASUO Women's Center is proud to sponsor the 4th annual Women of Color Conference at the University of Oregon. This conference began in the mid 1980s as the Diversity Symposium and later developed into its current structure. Last year it attracted close to 300 participants. Nationally renowned keynote speakers such as Reanae McNeal and Elaine Brown have been a part of the Women of Color conference. 

This conference aims to create a forum where women of color can address the multi-layered identities of race and gender in a collective manner. One goal of the conference is to encourage participation from other communities of women and men, in addressing significant issues faced by women of color. By encouraging interracial and intergender cooperation, we can learn to bridge the boundaries that divide us and seek a common ground of understanding and appreciation.

Key Note Speaker
Cherrie Moraga
A Chicana feminist poet, playwright, essayist and teacher, Moraga is nationally known for her collaboration with Gloria Anzaldua on the book "This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color," which won the 1986 "Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award."  Her work at Brava Theatre Center, a company committed to developing and producing quality work by women of color and lesbians, has won the Will Glickman Prize, the Pen West Award, the Drama-logue Award and the Critics Circle Award.


Registration 9-10:15 am  EMU Fir Room

Workshops 10:15-1:10 pm 

Lunch 1:15-2:15 pm 

Workshops 2:15-5:10 pm 

Caucuses 5:15-6:40 pm Asian-American, African-American, Latina, Chicana, Native American, Multiracial, LGBT, Jewish, Male, International, European-American .

Buffet Dinner 6:45-8 pm 
includes vegetarian options (Skylight, EMU) 

Cherrie Moraga, Keynote 8-9 pm 
(150 Columbia) 

Performances 9-11:30 pm 
(MCC, EMU Suite  33) 

Full programs, with workshop details (location, time changes, additional listings) available in the Women's Center one week prior to the event and at the registration table on the day of the event. 

Childcare scholarships available. Please contact Women's Center by January 22nd. 

For further information, please contact the Women's Center at 346-4095

Workshop Descriptions

Session I Workshops

White Privilege and the Limits of Tolerance

Facilitated by Cris Cullinan 

Metolious Room, EMU 10:15 - 11:40

This workshop will examine the concept of white privilege on the basis of the presumptions usually granted to members of the dominant culture, and the problems that arise from others being excluded from these presumptions. The workshop will also question the helpfulness of some types of tolerance in working to eliminate unearned privilege.

Healing Racism in Our Daily Lives

Facilitated by Lynn-Teresa Williams 

Umpqua Room, EMU 10:15 - 11:40

This workshop will focus on how the social construction of racism affects each of us in our daily lives. We will discuss healing from racism on a spiritual level.

The Recolonization of The Third World Women as Migrant Workers in Canada

Facilitated by Benita Bunjun Ben Linder Room, EMU

***This workshop will last two sessions from 10:15 - 1:10

This group discussion critically examines the recolonization of Third World Women in the First World as migrant workers. Migrant workers will be examined historically and currently in three areas: domestic workers, garment workers and farmworkers. We will engage in a transformation of voices, roles and spaces within the context of recolonization and globalization in relation to gender, age, race, language, class, children, citizenship status, health, and wages.

Session II Workshops

Pride Hall: Discussion on Creating a Diversity Dorm

Facilitated by Christina Thompson and Jennie Phillips 

Alsea Room, EMU 11:45 - 1:10

This workshop will focus on exploring the pros and cons of self segregation. We will explore the affirming possibilities of establishing an effective program to help individuals struggling with their identities.

Women and Racism, A Time to Heal

Facilitated by Bahati Ansari Walnut Room, EMU 11:45 - 1:10

Relationships among women have been severed because of the history of racism. It's time for a reconciliation or healing between our Sisters. How and where is not so much the concern as to when are we going to start. 

Redefining Leadership

Facilitated by Geneva Wortman and Pam Brooks 

Rogue Room, EMU 11:45 - 1:10

Student body presidents from University of Oregon and Lane Community College will lead discussion on the traditional concepts of leadership and the need for re-definition. 

Session III Workshops

Youth for Justice: Young Women of Color Organizing for Change

Facilitated by middle school and high school participants

Walnut Room, EMU 2:15 - 3:40 

This workshop will focus on youth organizing with an emphasis on empowering women of color in social justice organizations, using youth for justice as a model. We will address issues of privilege, tokenism, how to be an ally, and working in multi-generational environment through theater exercises, a panel of young women of color who are active in social justice organizations, and dialogue.

Body Image and African-American Women

Facilitated by Cessa Heard Johnson 

Ben Linder Room, EMU 2:15 - 3:40 

This program will educate others on body image issues that some African-American women face. Format will include slide presentations, video excerpts, and interactive exercises.

Session IV Workshops

Living in Two Worlds

Facilitated by Dr. DovieTrevino 

Umpqua Room, EMU 3:45- 5:10

This workshop will explore the dual identities that women of color face in the professional world. 

It's OK to Peek

Facilitated by Sandy Falbey and Aquene Amarys

Alsea Room, EMU 3:45- 5:10

This workshop will demonstrate how to complete a self exam, what to look for, and how to use this information in concert with a doctor or other medical practitioner. This workshop will focus on African American and LGBT women.


Rooms TBA 5:15- 6:40

Please choose a following caucus to attend:

Asian-American, African-American, Chicana, Native American, Multiracial, LGBT, Jewish, male, International and Euro-American.

Caucus Guidelines:

* Everyone is welcome to join.

* A caucus session is one where people can discuss and share their experiences and opinions in a confidential manner.

* Respect each other's right to have an opinion.

* A speaker's list may be necessary if many people want to speak at one time.

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