Welcome to UOCSSA!
13 November 2008 | 22:30:40

Our current committee contact information:

Ma, Mingjie 马铭婕 mingjie@uoregon.edu President
Yu, Chengcheng 于程程
chengche@uoregon.edu Vice President
Li, Yaheng 李亚横 yaheng@uoregon.edu Vice President
Ge, Bi 葛必
bge@uoregon.edu Vice President
Xia, Xige 夏熙格
xige@uoreogn.edu Vice President & Chief editor (CSSA journal)
Xu, Peng 徐鹏
xu3@uoregon.edu Publicity Department
Zhang, Qian 张茜
qzhang@uoregon.edu Public Relations Department
Zhang, Yawei 张雅炜
yawei@uoregon.edu Accounting & Planning Department
Qu, Diming 曲笛鸣
diming@uoregon.edu Service Department
Wu, Ye 吴烨
ywu5@uoregon.edu International Cultural Club
Liu, Zhen 刘震 zhen@uoregon.edu Technical Department

Our general contact method is:

ASUO Executive Offices
Erb Memorial Union, Suite 4
1228 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1228

To contact us, you can also send email to this address: CSSA


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