The Sigma Chi Fraternity is one of the oldest and most recognized fraternities in the Greek Letter world. We are blessed and privileged to be acquainted with a vast networking of Sigma Chi alumni. Some famous Sigs include: Brad Pitt, David Letterman, Mike Ditka, Drew Brees, Mike Holmgren and John Wayne. Countless numbers of Sigma Chi alumni, including the men listed above, have graduated from their respective universities to become successful in all aspects of society.

Alumni support is critical to the long term success of any Sigma Chi chapter. They provide a support web to lend help and guidance and generous monetary donations to those who follow in their footsteps. Chapters with consistent and abundant alumni involvement are held to higher standards, producing higher quality men. In order to ensure that every Sigma Chi chapter reaches its full potential, local area alumni are needed to set a solid foundation and support for success and direction both now and into the future.

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Alumni Relations continue to be an area of improvement within the Beta Iota Chapter. We are constantly bettering our planning and organizational structure to further promote our relations with the local alumni. Becoming involved provides a way of renewing and maintaining ties to the high ideals which bind all Sigma Chi’s as well as creating new friendships and regaining old. We highly encourage all alumni to make regular visits and sit in on chapter meetings.

Since our re-chartering in the ‘99-00 school year, the Beta Iota chapter of Sigma Chi has consistently been a leader and positive presence on campus and in the community. As a brotherhood, we truly strive to achieve and model the ideals and standards of which we are held. We want to remind current members and alumni that membership in Sigma Chi is a lifelong commitment-it extends well beyond one’s years as an undergraduate. Once a Sig, Always a Sig. In Hoc!




100th Year Anniversary!!!

September 17-19th, 2010

Alumni Football Tailgater, Banquet, Etc.

For Questions, contact either:

Scott Rousseau

Bob Warr

Daryl Egbert

The Beta Iota Chapter wants to give each alumni brother the opportunity to share with the entire brotherhood some basic information about yourself, your current status, or advice you

have – which we will post on our website in the area below. Please send your correspondence to the

Tribune Adam Mackie at

Our chapter could not thrive like we do without the generous support from our terrific alumni. Once brothers graduate often times they contribute what they can and we are so thankful for any additional support alumni give to the house.

If you would like to help improve our house, please consider donating by contacting our Tribune Adam Mackie

Receiving the Significant Sig award is a prestigious honor. Since the award's inception at the 1935 Grand Chapter, Sigma Chi has recognized only about 1,100 brothers. It recognizes "those alumni members whose achievements in their fields of endeavor have brought honor and prestige to the name of Sigma Chi."

What began 60 years ago as a simple token of recognition has become one of the most distinguished awards in the Greek-letter world.

We are proud to have the following Significant Sigs Call Beta Iota Home:

Robin P. Arkley, II, Oregon '77

Gerald B. Bashaw, Jr., Oregon '57

Stephen J. Cannell, Oregon '64

James E. Cowen, Oregon '48

William J. DelBiaggio, Jr., Oregon '62

William S. Dellinger, Oregon '56

Nelson C. Dezendorf, Oregon '21

William S. Hansell, Oregon '67

Richard F. Imwalle, Oregon '64

George L. Moorad, Oregon '30 

Leslie M. Palm, USMC(Ret), Oregon '66

John A. Robinson, Oregon '58

Robert C. Sanders, Oregon '50

Ivar J. Saunes, Oregon '59

Dr. Kenneth C. Swan, MD, Oregon '33

Larry R. Williams, Oregon '64

Each year, the Order of Constantine recognizes a group of up to 14 Sigma Chi brothers for their commitment, dedication and service to the Fraternity. Induction into the Order of Constantine is considered to be the highest honor the Sigma Chi Fraternity can bestow upon one of its members. The honor of being named a “Constantine Sig” has been conferred on less than 500 brothers since the inception of the Order of Constantine at the 47th Grand Chapter in 1948. 

To become a candidate the alumnus must be nominated by at least five brothers with at least three being in the Order already. Most alumni selected have contributed more than 20 years of service.

We are proud to have the following Constantine Sigs Call Beta Iota Home:


Samuel C. Bullock, Oregon 1918

Daryl M. Egbert, Oregon 1977

Fred H. Heitzhausen, Oregon 1917

Robert O. Warr, Oregon 1961

“I have heard nothing but great things about you guys and it's comforting to know that you have not only kept the strong traditions alive, but that you have taken the brotherhood to another level. As for me, I moved back to Portland this year from Los Angeles and have reconnected with many of the Beta Pi 10 guys and the two or three generations of Sigs that went through thereafter. The most incredible thing though is the brotherhood that is still as strong as it was in college from my OSU brothers when I was a pledge, to my U of O brothers during rechartering, to brothers that I have met far after undergrad from other chapters.  I even had the opportunity to stop by the USC sig house while I was in LA.  Those guys have a sand volleyball court, but our hoops court is still the best.”

In Hoc,

Brad Bigelow

“Susan and I came up for the tail gate last year and watched the Ducks beat Washington State but will be on our way to Thailand, Bhutan and Northern India this Fall.  I checked out the Bata Iota Sigma Chi web site and it looks really good.  Thanks again and I hope we can make it next year for the Fall Alumni Weekend. Give my best to the guys in the house and tell them to keep up the great work.”


In Hoc,

Pat Coan

AKA: Ralph G. Coan, Jr., 1965