Sigma Chi’s seeks well-rounded, ambitious, fun-loving gentlemen. While some of our members sought membership in Greek Life, a number of our brothers came to the University of Oregon with notion that fraternities would not be part of their college experience. We take pride in dissolving stereotypes associated with fraternities by emphasizing and living values of friendship, justice, and learning.

Our recruitment is informal and consists of casual events that initiate conversations between potential new members and brothers.  Through getting to know you, we hope to develop a fun atmosphere that conveys the strength and respect demonstrated by our brotherhood.  Our house has an ambitious, athletic, and intelligent image, and that reputation is built through our recruitment.  The strength of our recruitment stems from how well new members and brothers get to know each other through sober and meaningful interactions.

Our recruitment begins in the spring, continues through the summer, and finally culminates at the end of rush week (third week of fall term).  Throughout recruitment, we hand out bids, which is an invitation given to potential new members indicating that we want you to join our brotherhood.  While our brotherhood is a life commitment, all of our brothers are engaged in a number of outside activities ranging form club sports to student senate.  Sigma Chi is a leadership building organization that enhances your life as an undergrad and graduate.

Rushing and Pledging Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi has one of the nicest houses in Greek Life at the University of Oregon. It has 40 individual rooms for each live-in brother. There are no sleeping porches and we always keep the house in the best, most presentable condition. Our dinning hall was recently renovated and our kitchen is also seeing a major upgrade: a brand new chef. We also have a newly paved, full basketball court along side a huge parking lot where all live-in brothers are guaranteed a space.

Adding to the amenities found at the Sigma Chi chapter house is the stellar reputation of the men of Sigma Chi. Our brothers consistently beat all other houses in the Greek World in grade point average and we enjoy one of the best reputations on campus as the house that accepts only the men of highest character and the house that possesses the strongest bonds of friendship and brotherhood.

Please visit our rush group on Facebook for the latest updates.

For all recruitment events, meet at the Sigma Chi Chapter House which is located at 1440 E. 19th Ave. From the Dorms, walk down Agate toward Hayward Field. Take a right on 19th Ave and walk one block. Sigma Chi is on the corner of 19th and Emerald (big green house on the left).

About the House


Tom Malone





“A friend told me that I could find friendship anywhere — and that may be true — but brotherhood is much more unique, selective and rare. It is the diversity of our backgrounds, beliefs and goals that makes our bond so special and reciprocal. I have learned more from my brothers then I ever will during any class. I have gained valuable knowledge about myself and others and the importance of introspection and values. I feel that I have already gained a life’s worth of lesson from time with Sigma Chi.”



Brad Noonan





“In high school I never really thought I would join a fraternity but I decided to go out bowling anyways just to give it a chance. The guys that I met were very fun and their strong bonds with one another were very apparent. It reminded me of the time I spent on my basketball teams throughout the years. Sigma Chi and fraternities in general aren’t for everyone, but I think you should give it a chance because you might be missing out on something that could benefit your undergrad experience dramatically.”