Educational Standards:

        Here at the University of Oregon the Beta Iota chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity prides it’s self on our academic excellence.  Each active brother is required to meet a GPA of 2.7 in order to stay in good academic standing with our chapter. If a brother fails to meet this obligation he is required to  attend study tables for two hours per week. If a brother misses this GPA three terms in a row he is subject to alumni review.

        Our chapter uses study tables as an academic tool to help improve the GPA’s of our brothers. The Scholarship chair hold’s sessions throughout the week at the campus library where brothers may come and study. Pledges are required to go to these for three hours a week until they have been initiated. Brothers are only subject if they fail to make grades.

Educational Tools:

        We have a specific room in the house that is dedicated to our academic studies. This room has multiple computers, a large center desk with about 10 business chairs and a large dry erase board. This room in used strictly for academic purposes and is a great place to go to and study in that promotes learning.

        We have a Sigma Chi fellow by the name of Joe Bartley and a faculty Advisor by the name of Debra Morrison. Both of these members help support our academic activities, and are there to help us in anyway needed. We feel that these members are great resources and support our high academic goals.

Incentives and Rewards:

        To inspire brothers further to achieve at their highest educational level, our chapter established a program called High/Low GPA teams. At the beginning of each term we pair brothers together by taking their GPA’s and matching the highest with the lowest. This pairing continues until everyone has a GPA team. At the end of the term we take each “teams” combined GPA and the top two teams receive a cash reward. The first place team receives 300 dollars to split between themselves and the second place team receives 200 dollars.

    The purpose of these “teams” is to match someone who is doing well in school with someone who may need help; this allows a sort of “mentor” brother approach and also offers some sort of competition between earning the top GPA.

        Our Annual Scholarship Dinner is held on the first Monday dinner of every term. The dinner honors the educational successes of our brothers and chapter over the past term. Many well known and respected faculty members on campus attend this event as well as our sweetheart and numerous alumni. At this banquet we acknowledge each member who made the academic deans list and also announce the winners of the High/Low GPA team.

“students of fair ability”