"DDS helps keep unsafe drivers off
of the road, and its a safe way
to get home when you don't have
any other way" - Tessa Holden,
Junior, International Business
How we operate

OK, for those of you who don't know, DDS stands for "Designated Driver Shuttle". We are a program funded by the University of Oregon, who provides free, quick, and safe rides home to University Students.

Never called DDS before? Not sure how all of this works?
Here are the Basic points that all caller's should know:

These are the basic points that all caller's should understand. If you need more information, check out our mission statement or the FAQ pages...they have more specific information there.


January 24, 2007: "Where you at?"

A note from the webmaster:
Ok Ok, I've been really slacking on updating this thing in a while...You know how it is when you have a busy schedule. I'm trying to update the site so that all browsers can view the site appropriately. Right now, just Internet Explorer is working as it should, but I'm hoping to get Firefox support up shortly, once I figure out what exactly is wrong with the source.

But basically put... yes, the site is still up; no, we're not going away; yes, I am a slacker; and yes, I am actually working on it.

January 10, 2007: Happy New Year!!

It's the new year, and a new quarter! Hope everyone is getting off to the right start and studying hard in all of their classes!
But, we know that all of those "wild childs" are going to be out at all hours of the night, so why not call DDS and get a safe ride home? You'll be happy you called!

Some of you using Mozilla or FireFox to view the site have commented that the site doesn't display correctly. We've heard your comments, and we want to let you know that DDS is currently trying to fix this incompliance of browser displays. If you are a technologically savvy student, or have any experience working with HTML and multiple-browser compliant sites, and wish to help out with the DDS pages, contact the webmaster with the link at the bottom of the page.

October 17, 2006: Welcome Back!

Welcome to the new and improved DDS site! Now I know what you're thinking...DDS had an old website? Well, much to my own surprise, we did...except it hadn't been updated since 2001, and the site looked rather ugly and stale. Now that the information age is upon us, it's about time that all of the ASUO programs had informative websites, devoted to the purposes they set out to achieve. This web site is just an extension of the great service that DDS provides to college students: getting them home safely, and also educating those who don't realize the dangers of not designateing a sober driver when they go out drinking for the night.
So look around! Check out the new site, read the F.A.Q. pages (and don't forget to read the "DDS Confessions"!) Welcome back to DDS...

Because we care...