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Ecos del Tivoli
           In 1992 Ecos del Tivoli started performing the music of Trio Matamoros. One of the most popular and influential Cuban groups in the style of Son and Bolero, Trio Matamoros was formed in Santiago in 1925 by Miguel Matamoros, along with guitarist Rafael Cueto and percussionist Ciro Rodriguez.

Son music is an integral part of Cuban culture, especially in the Oriente. Ecos De Tivoli perform often in Santiago at the Casa De Trova (Heredia #208 :above) and they tour annually across Europe.


After practice with the band on a Saturday morning (José Mauresset- guitar, Juan Carmenaty-cuattro :above), Ecos De Tivoli invited us to play on stage Sunday night at the Casa de la Musica, (left: Corona el Aguilera y Enramada) a ‘disco’ style music venue near Parque Cespedes in Santiago