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Che Guevara --(1928-1967) Dr. Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna , commonly known as Che, was an Argentine-born Marxist revolutionary and Cuban guerrilla leader. Guevara was a member of Fidel Castro's "26th of July Movement", which seized power in Cuba in 1959. After serving various important posts in the new government, Guevara left Cuba in 1966 with the hope of fomenting revolutions in other countries, first in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and later in Bolivia, where he was captured in a CIA-organized military operation. He died at the hands of the Bolivian Army near Vallegrande in Santa Cruz de la Sierra on October 9th, 1967.

Jose Marti --(1853-1895) Cuba’s Greatest Hero, Poet, and Statesman. Marti devoted his life to ending colonial rule in Cuba. Already a poet and playwright when he was exiled from his homeland at the age of 17 for opposition to Spanish colonialism, Marti roamed the United States, Europe and Latin America seeking freedom for Cuba from Spain's strong arm. He died at the age of 42 on Cuban soil only minutes after his first ride into battle. He remains forever sealed into the hearts, minds and soul of the Cuban people as their greatest hero.

Frank Isaac Pais -- (1934-1957) Founder of Accion Nacional Revolucionaria (ANR) and commander of the Urban Front of the July 26th movement. The ANR had been a small clandestine organization operating out of Oriente Province. Castro planned to use Pais and his followers to support his landing in Cuba throughout the Oriente province and in isolated locations across the island. An all-out manhunt to capture Pais was launched by the Santiago police. Later, as he prepared to join Castro in the mountains, police gunned him down as he walked out of his house on July 30 1957.