Welcome to UOCSSA!

CSSA is a student organization formed by students and scholars from China at University of Oregon, and university community members with an interest in China or Chinese culture.

Our goals are:

    1. Enhance communication among CSSA members as well as their involvement in the university. This is done through social activities, new member orientation, and various other services.

    2. Promote Chinese culture at the University and local communities. Working with other member groups of International Student Association, we are committed to share our cultural experience and better understanding between our members and other individuals/organizations on campus.

    3. Assist University faculty and staff in questions regarding students and scholars from China, or about Chinese language, culture and society within our capacity.



    1. 加强CSSA成员之间的交流以及大家对大学里各种活动的参与。致力于这个目标,我们组织各种社会活动,提供新成员的定向和其他各种服务。

    2. 在大学里和当地社区中发扬中国文化。通过与其他国际学生组织合作,我们竭力分享我们的文化经验并促进我们与校园里其他组织和个人之间的互相理解。

    3. 尽能协助大学教学人员和工作人员解决关于来自中国的学生和学者的相关问题,以及涉及到中国语言,文化和社会的一些问题。


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