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Constitution for CSSA in University of Oregon

ARTICLE 1: NAME The name of the association shall be: The Chinese Students and Scholars Association, hereby referred to as the CSSA.

ARTICLES 2: PURPOSE The purpose of this organization shall be:(1) to provide service and help to Chinese students and scholars in the University of Oregon and to promote communication and friendship among the members of the association. (2) to provide a chance for students of the UO and citizens in Eugene to acquire a great deal of knowledge about Chinese culture and society through its cultural performance and contact with the ISA and local community. (3) to be the member of the ISA and to assist the ISA's work; in addition, to cooperate with other international students organizations when it is necessary. (4) to link with Chinese Consulate in relevant affairs but not be affiliated with it; may participate the conference and activities of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association in the United States but not limited to the organization.

ARTICLE 3: QUALIFICATION OF MEMBERS (1) Any student and visiting scholar who come from the People's Republic of China and study and work in the University of Oregon are considered as the natural members of the association. (2) The husbands and wives of the members and the Chinese students who study in the NCC shall also be included in the association. (3) Any other Chinese students and scholars who desire to participate in the CSSA's activities can do so whether or not he/her is the member of the CSSA.

ARTICLE 4: OFFICERS (1) The CSSA shall have a Director, an Assistant Director, a public relations manager, a treasurer, and a few managers in charge of specific affairs such as communication, sport, and entertainment. (2) The Director is the representative of the association and shall have the duty and power to assign the members of the executive body. (3) The Director and/or Assistant Director shall be responsible for signing all the purchase orders and shall be in charge of the planning and development of activities of the CSSA. (4) In case the office of Director is vacated before the term of duty is completed or if the director is temporarily absent, the assistant director assumes all duties of the office of the Director. (5) The public relations manager shall be responsible for the contact with the ISA, various University organizations, and other groups of international students in the UO. (6) The treasurer shall keep all financial records and work closely with the Director/Assistant Director for the distribution of ISA budget.

ARTICLE 5: ELECTIONS (1) Elections shall be held at the beginning of Fall term. (2) Election shall be chaired by former director and he/she shall introduce the candidates to the voters. (3) The candidates may make their campaign speeches before voting. (4) Elections must be by secret ballot, with a representative of the ASUO Executive present. (5) The candidate must obtain a simple majority of all voters to win the election.

ARTICLE 6: MEETINGS AND NEWSLETTERS (1) The members of the executive body shall meet at least three times each term and discuss the agenda of activities of the association. (2) The newsletter shall be issued one to two issues each term. (3) The communication book shall be adjusted and issued once a year.

ARTICLE 7: AMENDMENTS AND RATIFICATION Amendments to this constitution shall be enforced when they have been approved by a simple majority of members present in the annual election meeting.

                                                                                                    Composed by Jan, 1998


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