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Posted by Chief on Feb 16, 2008

 Skiing Event organized by Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) during March 23-25, 2008

CSSA is organizing skiing to Mount Bachelor from Mar 23 to Mar 25, 2008. Everybody is welcome to join us. All the participants in this event have to agree with the following items without any exception upon participating in skiing activities:

        1. Skiing is organized with the request from CSSA members. Skiing is planned by CSSA with partial financial support from CSSA.
        2. CSSA has no responsibility for anybody during this skiing event. Everybody is responsible for his or her own safety.
        3. The drivers are not responsible for any accidents and injuries caused by unpredictable reasons. All riders agree to follow their drivers’ instruction in car.
        4. Parents who have kids with them are the only persons that should be responsible for their kids.
        5. Everybody has to pay $45.00 for gas fee and house renting before getting a ride.
        6. You are the only person who is responsible for yourself or your kids for anything that might happen to you during this skiing event.

The schedule for the skiing event is:
        March 23: drive to Sunriver resort and check-in the houses
        March 24: ski for the whole day
        March 25: visit Mt. Bachelor in the morning and drive back in the afternoon

Come and join us! You are welcome to bring your friends. Let’s have fun together!


March 10, 2008

Skiing Contact: download

Posted by Chief on March 10, 2008

 Nike Job Opportunity

Chinus Cultural Productions Inc. based in Portland, Oregon, is entrusted by Nike China to recruit students from PR China who are graduating this year. Nike China, headquartered in Shanghai, has created an exciting internship to employment program for students from PR China. Titled: "Mission China Seeding," this program is launching in Spring 2008.

Brochures and other information are in production now and will be available to you in late March.

Nike China has a long-term vision - it wants to attract the best brain power back to China. The graduating class of 2008 as well as graduate students who are completing their degrees this year are encouraged to apply. The following majors will be given preference in hiring: sports management, marketing, sales, apparel, design, fashion, business administration (MBA),strategic planning, finance,and human resources.

We will select 20 individuals who are subject to an assessment process by an agency to determine who are best fit for Nike culture. Based on the recommendations of the assessment agency, ten finalists will be chosen to go through a three-week pre-training period in Nike China's headquarter in Shanghai in May, and a ten-week paid internship at Nike Worldwide headquarter in Portland, Oregon from June to August. During this time, interns will be mentored by Nike professionals and assigned specific tasks to complete. At the end of this internship period, Nike China will assess each candidate and assign jobs that best fit their ability and education. Full employment contract will be offered by Nike China.

If you are interested in joining this program, please fill out the attached application form and e-mail or fax or mail it to the addresses indicated in the application form.

Application Form

Posted by Chief on Feb 16, 2008

 2008 Chinese New Year Celebration,CSSA,University of Oregon

We invite you to come and enjoy our China Night for Chinese New Year Celebration 2008.

Location: EMU Ball Room

Date and Time: 6PM-9PM, Wednesday, Feb 6th, 2008

Tickets: Purchase can be made through Ticket Office at EMU
        UO students: $6.00 each person
        Public ticket: $8.00 each person
        Kids beneath 13: $3.00 each person

节目列表 (Performance List)
    6:00-6:20pm: Check in time
    6:20-7:20pm: Dinner Time
    7:20-7:30pm: Clean the tables
    7:30-9:30pm: Performance

    1. 中文学校儿歌大串烧: 新年好,蜗牛与黄鹂鸟,是爱,丑小鸭,小红帽
     Children’s Songs: Performers: Chinese School
    2. 舞蹈:扇舞丹青
     Dance: Fan Dance Performer: Yige Zhang
    3. 乐器合奏: 青春舞曲及凤阳花鼓
     Instruments: The Youth Dance and Flower Drum Performers: Chinese School & Chinese Church
    4. 舞蹈:小螺号
     Dance: Spiral Shell Performers: Joyce Lin, Mica Wang, Jonathan Lin
    5. 舞蹈:Yah!
     Dance: Yah! Performers: Yang Kang,Zijun Gao, Chen Xia, Cecillia, Yifan
    6. 独唱:回家
     Solo: Go Back Home Performer: Jun Yin
    7. 舞蹈:我和草原有个约定
     Dance: Promise with Prairie Performer: Annie Peng
    8. 棒棒讲故事:聪明的梅花鹿
     Story: Smart Sika Performer: Bangbang (Justin Shen)
    9. 男女对唱及奥运之歌:
     Songs: Performers: Hong Wu, Wen Lei, Yang Kang, Jin Ming, Ningxuan Li, Yupeng Kong, Chang Liu, Jun Yin
    10. 舞蹈:茉莉花
     Dance: Jasmine Performers: Miranda Shum, Grace Shum, Carolyn Yue, Jessie Liu, Lydia Tam, and Ivy Chen
    11. 小提琴独奏(钢琴伴奏):新疆之春
     Violin & Piano:Spring in Xinjiang Performers: Claire Wells and Hung-Yun Chu
    12. 单口相声:武松打虎
     Solo Crosstalk: Wusong fighting Tiger Performer: Han Qin
    13. 独唱(钢琴伴奏):朋友
     Solo: Friend Performers: Shiping Cai and Endian Wang
    14. 舞蹈:Hip Hop
     Dance: Hip Hop Performers: Nan Shan, ….
    15. 大合唱:真心英雄
     Chorus: Hero in immortal Performers: Fan Jiang, Crystal, Trudie, Trent, Eric, Carol, Yifan, Chen, Yibo Wang, Shuoliang Nie, Yan Sang,Rui Xiao

    U.S. Bank
    Eugene Chinese Church
    Eugene Chinese School
    China Blue Restaurant
    Empire China Buffet
    King’s Asian Market
    U. of Oregon Event Service

Posted by Chief on Jan 20, 2008

 Online movies enjoy for CSSA from BLin

We are very happy to announce that our CSSA build up collaboration with Blin (www.blin.cn).

Blin launches their VOD (video on demand) for oversea Chinese this October after they have provided the Chinese Video service for millions of customers in China for 5 years.
As our collaboration partner, Blin will provide us all of their Chinese movie, TV drama , TV shows etc. with copyright for our events such as Movie Night, new student welcome party, Chinese spring festival party etc.

Since the thanksgiving long weekend is coming,Blin also provides our community a public account with 2 week’s unlimited service:
Account: cssapost@lists.uoregon.edu
Password: uocssa
Valid date: 11/17-11/31

There are lots of movies and shows that you can watch.

Two weeks later, the account will be closed. If you are still very interested in Blin, you can buy it online. It is only $8.99/per month.

You can visit www.blin.cn Or directly download the player http://www.blin.cn/download/setup_2/blin_IIBDAAAAACAAALAA.exe

Enjoy the holiday! Enjoy all of the free Chinese movies, dramas, shows!

You can find information about Blin: http://news.sina.com/sinaus/202-000-000-104/2007-10-30/15062684.html

Thanks that Blin provides movies, dramas and shows to CSSA.

Posted by Haiying Gao on Nov 16, 2007

 Mid-Autumn Fesitval Party!! 中秋晚会

Place: the community room in Spencer View. You can take the bus 73 from the university to be there. I will arrange this for new students.

Schedule: On Sep 21, 2007 Friday

From 4:00-6:00pm, we will make dumplings. Everybody are encouraged to help us, especially for new students. It is a good chance to know each other.

From 6:00-7:30pm, it is our dinner time. It is also a potluck. CSSA will afford dumplings, mooncakes, beverage, refreshment and fruits. For old students, please bring your good food to share with other people. New students do not need to bring food, but it is great that you can help to make dumplings.

From 7:30-9:30pm, it is our game time. This year, we have lots of challenging games. Everybody, not only the new students, will have the chance to win the gifts. Come and join us. I promise you will enjoy the games.

Posted by Haiying Gao on Sep 16, 2007

 We have new home 我们的新家

Our Website is updated. Cheers!

Posted by Chief on July 30, 2007

 Important to new comers 新生请注意

For those friends who will join us in the coming fall, we encourage you to go to our new comers section. There should be something useful to you.

将在这个秋季加入我们的朋友,建议你去看看网页上“New Comers“的一页。那儿你能找到一些有用的东西。

Posted by Chief on July 27, 2007

 Hiking in Pisgah

The hot weekend is coming again. Here is our plan to march to Pisgah to make this weekend even hotter : )

Who: everyone who has signed up at Outdoor Club board @CSSA-BBS or via email to me.

When: Sunday afternoon 1:00 departing from Spencer View (12:45 from Westmoreland). Come back when ever everyone wants to get back.

Where: Southeast Eugene, Pisgah mountain area.

Route: get on to 30th east->pass I-5 north onto Franklin Blvd E->Seavey Loop Rd->Mountains

What: Hiking for 1-2 hours, picnic and play around.

Posted by chief on Aug 8, 2007

  Summer Trip to Florence

Route: The round trip from Eugene to Florence is about 120 miles on Highway 126 west. Single trip could be about 1 hr 20 min.

Who: Any CSSA member who is interested.

When: We are planning to depart in front of Community Room at 9:30 from Spencer View Student Housing and join people in Westmore Land at 9:50, Saturday, 04/08. We will be coming back around 4:00 if it is OK for everybody.

Where: Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, beach and dunes of Florence/Dune city. If you would like, you can also head to North on Highway 101 about 11 miles to Sea lion Cave ( http://www.sealioncaves.com ), or east to Woahink/ Siltcoos Lake (there are lots of recreation stuff, I heard).

How to go: We are driving ourselves. Some of our students and friends are awesome that they are willing to give other people a ride. So if you are so cool that you have decided to drive and would like to offer other people a ride, we thank you so much; otherwise, if you need a ride but also pretty cool, we thank you too for your joining.

Eating: The CSSA will provide each person bottled drinking water. The CSSA will provide some fruits and snacks as well if our budget for this trip can cover them :( . YOU need to prepare YOUR lunch or we can eat together in Florence. I can not imagine how cool it will be to eat while breathing the sweet & salty oceanic breeze.

Activities: On beach, you can do everything you want or just do nothing but watching the pulse of the Ocean. You can go swimming, play volleyball, cards, or running in sands (like the man in the picture)... In the park, it shows there are hiking trails on the map, so you might want to go hiking as well. Off beach, depending on the number of persons, Sea Lion Cave can be a good place to go. Or you can go to catch some starfish in tide pools if you can anticipate the low tide time around there (I am googling it). You can also bring on your camping stuff since there are many camping sites around the park (but we DO NOT encourage overnight camping).

Others: Blank (we need your opinion to fill this item up)


1. The persons who need a ride is requested to share the gas (although it is just 120 miles trip).

2. The persons who participate this trip (both drivers and riders) need to be very careful and responsible to yourself and others about any activities you do during this trip. A good trips always starts from a careful mind. (btw, we are bringing some first aid kits just in case).

3. Please help each other and make this trip a pleasant one as we have wished.

4. Have fun, a lot.

Posted by Xinjun He on July 23, 2007

 Chinese New Year Celebration.

Posted on Jan 31, 2007


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